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Sonny's Piano TV Show Library

Here you can see the full length versions of all of Sonny's Piano TV Shows.

#67 : Sonny's "Designer Pianos" & Stress Tips Show 67

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Great show featuring Sonny's Designer Pianos and stress tips. Here Sonny introduces his new line of hand painted Steinway Pianos in very modern style shabby chic, minimalism and Gustavian. Also in this show Sonny shares some tips for relaxation and reducing tension & stress.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 67
Sonny's "Designer Pianos" & Stress Tips Show 67
Great show featuring Sonny's Designer Pianos and stress tips. Here Sonny introduces his new line of hand painted Steinway Pianos in very modern style shabby chic, minimalism and Gustavian. Also in this show Sonny shares some tips for relaxation and reducing tension & stress.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 72
Sonny's Beautiful Pianos & Energy Tips
Sonny demonstrates and plays sevral beautiful and unique pianos and talks about the piano being a healing energy machine similiar to Wilhelm Reich's Orgone Energy acumulator.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 15
Playing Piano For Health and Well-Being - Show 15
Sonny Talks about the health benefits you can derive from playing piano and demonstrates some techniques for relaxing, getting into the flow and releasing tension and stress through piano playing. He also shows how to play unlimited songs with only three chords, gives a video tour of a Hardman & Peck Piano and demonstrates how to improvise on the song Moon Dance.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 20
The Piano Relaxation Music Show
Featuring: Sonny Playing Relaxing Piano Music, Tips on how to play relaxing music even if you never played the piano, Breathing and relaxation techniques for playing the piano, reducing piano performance anxiety and getting into the piano flow, Sonny's Piano Video Tours of pre-owned Knabe Baby Grands, Steinway & Mason & Hamlin Pianos for sale. Plus Guest Artists: Rachel a child prodigy playing a classical paino piece, and jazz icon Connie Crothers' Quartet at Birdland Jazz Club in NYC.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 46
Sonny's Pianos Show 46 The Steinway Pianos & Piano Yoga
Lots of fun stuff here. Sonny talks about the history of Steinway Pianos and demonstrates several beautiful Steinways at his Warehouse on Long Island. There's also a Video Splash of clips from Steinway Video Tours Sonny made of about a dozen other Steinways. Sonny gives a Piano Yoga Tip on 'How To Breathe Diagrammatically' while playing the piano. Also features Sonny's Wellness workout ight stretching exercises with the emphasis on breathing for oxygentation.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 69
Steinway Hand Painted Art Case Masterpieces
Sonny improvises on several absoultely stunning one-of-a-kind Hand Painted Art Case Steinways.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 70
Guest Artists At Sonny's Pianos
Sonny's Piano Guest Artist Show..this is a wonderful show featuring many of the guest artists that visited Sonny's Pianos or were featured in previous shows.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 58
Sonny’s Pianos- “THE FOX NEWS INTERVIEW" about Sonny’s Piano Yoga Method!
FOX News sent reporter Jodi Goldberg to Sonny’s Piano Warehouse recently to interview Sonny about his innovative Piano Yoga Method for Playing the piano instantly. Based on Yoga type breathing, relaxation and getting into the zone techniques Sonny's original method also helps improve heath and well being. For information about covering this story or attending or booking a Piano Yoga Workshop call 631 475-8046
Sonny's PianoTV Show 66
"Jamming Pianos" with Sonny Stancarone & Damon Mulazzi, The "White Driftwood Steinway" and Houston Flood Pianos
Terrific new show introducing "Jamming Pianos" with Sonny Stancarone & Damon Mulazzi. Also featuring original art case hand painted "White Driftwood Steinway", a "Crown Jewel" Steinway and an original composition from Houston with photos of flood damaged pianos by Steve Gaines on a Steinway he purchased from Sonny.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 65
Margarita Dominguez & The Prince's Love Piano
Great Show! Features Margarita Dominguez, model, actress, pianist and internet sensation co-hosts the show with Sonny and plays the Prince's Love Piano-The Million Dollar Steinway. Sonny's brother guitarist Mark Danti shreds away playing Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, and see more quick clips of Sonny & friends playing the Prince's Love Piano. This show also includes recent news stories about Sonny featured in Newsday and on Fios1 Verizon TV. The Fios piece is about Type 1 Diabetes and includes an intervie
Sonny's PianoTV Show 64
Sonny & Friends Playing Sonny's Art Case Pianos Show #64
This show features Sonny & his brother, guitairst Mark Danti Stancarone; the Rob Oro Trio, the Boogie Kings Bob Baldori & Arthur Migliazza, spontaneous improvisation Jazz Pianist Kazzrie Jaxen, and Jazz Piano Professor Scott Ballin playing Sonny's Hand Painted "Chinoiserie Steinway M and the MILLION DOLLAR STEINWAY- A Prince's Love Piano over the summer of 2016 at several different venues.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 63
The "Green Chi" Steinway Show # 63
This show features two pianos from Sonny's "Art Case Pianos" Collection. One being the latest addition called The "Green Chi" Steinway Model M and another visit with The Million Dollar Steinway- A "Prince's Love Piano" Sonny plays and describes the restoration of the Green Chi Steinway which is a hand painted "Chinoiserie" Style work of art. It was nick named the "Green Chi" because the landscape scenes that cover this masterpiece are of a nature preserve from the 16th century which people would go the to
Sonny's PianoTV Show 62
SHOW #62 Beautiful Art Case Pianos & Jazz Pianist Robert Oro Playing THE MILLION DOLLAR STEINWAY
This show features Sonny playing and talking about more beautiful pianos from his "Art Case Pianos Collection" at his Long Island, Bohemia NY Warehouse. Also guest artist Jazz Pianist Robert Oro came to Sonny's looking for a Steinway and found Sonny's MILLION DOLLAR STEINWAY Hamburg A and played a terrific session on it.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 61
Fox News features Sonny's MILLION DOLLAR STEINWAY: A Prince's Love Piano #61
FOX NEWS Stopped by last week and video taped our MILLION DOLLAR STEINWAY and Featured it in their NY Minute. They will be back to do a longer feature shortly.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 60
The Million Dollar Steinway-A Prince's Love Piano & Other Art Case Pianos For Sale from Sonny's Pianos Art Case Pianos Collection- Show #60
This show feature's The Million Dollar Steinway, A Prince's "Love Piano" One-of-a kind, Rosewood, Hand Painted, Art Case Hamburg Steinway Model "A", Totally Rebuilt & Restored with Unique Romantic Portrait, Love Scenes and other exquisite Art Case Pianos for sale from Sonny's Art Case Pianos Collection.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 71
Sonny's Beautiful Pianos & Energy Tips
Sonny plays and demonstrates several interesting and unique pianos and talks about the piano as an energy machine similiar to Wilhem Reich's Orgone Acumulator.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 59
Sonny's Art Case Pianos Collection-Show #59
Art Case Pianos Present and Past from Sonny's Piano Warehouse. A wide selection of the 'works of art" that have traveled through and are currently residing at Sonny's. Hand carved, hand painted, King Louis XV Style Steinways, Queen Anne and Cabriolet Legs, Victorian, and many more.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 57
Sonny's Pianos TV Show 57- Sonny's "Piano Yoga" Method of Playing & Teaching Piano-
This show features Sonny's "Piano Yoga" Method for instantly playing the piano and enhancing your piano playing abilities through yoga principles of breathing, relaxation and letting go. Sonny demonstrates his "Black Note Flow" Lesson which will have beginners playing the piano and making beautiful music without sheet music in 10 minutes. He also leads you through a series of yoga type stretching and breathing exercises you can do while sitting at the piano to get you into the flow and into the zone while
Sonny's PianoTV Show 56
Sonny's Pianos TV Show 56-Sonny Playing Beautiful Steinway & Bosendorfer Pianos, Piano Virtuoso John England, Piano Yoga Tips, Harmonica Man Jerry Tato
An interesting blend of Sonny's Piano Improvisations on some of the Steinway & Bosendorfer pianos at Sonny's Long Island, NY Warehouse, with two guest Artists...Piano Virtuoso Jon England Playing Chopin and Harmonica player Jerry Tatt jamming with Sonny. This show also features a Sonny's Piano Yoga Tip on how to meditate while playing the piano. The last 10 minutes of the show features Sonny & his guitarist brother Mark jamming on a blues chord pattern.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 55
Sonny's Pianos TV Show 55- Art Case Pianos, More Sandro Russo & The Projekt Orchestra
This show features more creative videos and photos of Art Case Steinways and other beautiful pianos at Sonny's Pianos on Long Island in NY. Also another performance from the phenomenal classical pianist Sandro Russo this time playing a Scriabin Piece and very entertaining video clips from Sonny's brother Mark Danti's Orchestra "The Projekt"
Sonny's PianoTV Show 54
Sonny's Pianos TV Show # 54-Sandro Russo Classical Pianist at Sonny's Pianos
This show features classical pianist Sandro Russo playing a Steinway B at Sonny's Piano Warehouse on Long Island, New York. Sandro purchased a Steinway from Sonny the month before this show was produced and was kind enough to return and play several classical pieces including Chopin's Polonaise and Scarlatti-Tausig Capriccio in E Major which are featured here. Sonny's future Piano TV Shows will include the other pieces he played or to see them now visit Sonny's Jazz & Music Cafe at
Sonny's PianoTV Show 53
Sonnys Pianos TV Show 53 More Beautiful Steinways & Other Great Piano Video Tours
Sonny's Piano TV Show 53 This show features a one of a kind Art Case Hamburg Steinway "Marquetry Style" Inlaids" Model B and very creative video tours of a number of beautiful Steinway & other pianos now at Sonny's Wholesale Piano Warehouse on Long Island, NY. Sonny demonstrates each one by playing them and then talks about their different characteristics.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 47
Sonnys Pianos TV Show 47 "Art Case Steinways & Other Beautiful Pianos"
Sonny's Pianos TV Show. This shows is a wonder to behold...beautiful pianos from all ages and models. First Sonny presents and plays a number of beautiful Art Case Steinways tht have passed through Sonny's Piano Warehouse and also features some that are currently residing there. Next are two photo montages of some of the other brand name art case pianos that have found new homes over the past 19 years through Sonny's Pianos. Then Sonny introduces a new Sonny's Piano TV Show segment called 'Steinway News' w
Sonny's PianoTV Show 51
Sonnys Pianos TV Show 51 Benito Gonzalez & Sonny PART 2
A Great show with lots of different features. More phenomenal music and interview with twice Grammy Nominated Jazz Pianist Benito Gonzalez. Here Benito talks about how he got started playing music in Argentina when he was 4 y/o with his family members who were all musicians. Also Sonny and his brother Mark Danti jam together on a improvisation in A Minor. Mark is a guitarist and leader of the Projekt Entertainment Band. This show also includes; another Piano Yoga Tip by Sonny on breathing, relaxing and fi
Sonny's PianoTV Show 52
Sonnys Pianos TV Show 52 "Boogie Stomp" featuring Bob Baldori & Arthur Migliazza
This session features Boogie Bob Baldori and Arthur Migliazza playing an assortment of Boogie Woogie, Rock & Jazz Music from their show called "BOOGIE STOMP" Bob & Arthur play two Steinway B's and tore the roof off and got everybody dancing at Sonny's Warehouse. Sonny interviews them and they discuss some of the history of American Piano music from it's early days until now. Visit to learn more about the Boogie Stomp Show and Bob's Baldori's Independent Movie about the History of Boogie Woo
Sonny's PianoTV Show 50
Sonnys Piano TV Show 50 Jazz Pianist and Grammy Nominee Benito Gonzalez
Sonny's Piano TV Show # 50 Jazz Pianist Benito Gonzalez visited Sonny's Piano Warehouse on Long Island to pick out a grand piano and delighted everyone by playing several tunes on the Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano Model "A" he chose. Benito's trio was up for their second Grammy nomination for best Jazz Record at the time of his visit. Which was January 2014. Along with playing several Jazz Standards (Thelonious Monk, Chick Corea, John Coltrane) he played some original improvisations and spoke to Sonny about h
Sonny's PianoTV Show 49
Sonny's Pianos TV Show 49 Featuring The "Win A Free Steinway" Contest Part 2
This show features more great piano videos from the contestants in Sonny's most recent "Win A Free Steinway" Contest held on Facebook. This one contains the interviews with 2nd and 3rd place winners Jennifer Kim and Grace Pristamo along with many other contestant videos and another "Steinway News" Segment from Sonny.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 48
Sonny's Pianos TV Show 48 Part 2 "Win A Free Steinway" Contest
Sonnys Pianos TV Show 48 Here it is! Part 1 of the November 2013 Sonny's 'Win A Free Steinway' Contest TV Show. Featuring the Winner Long Nguyen's Video and the Skype Interview with him. Also featured on this show is Sonny's Video Tour of the First Place Prize a Pre-Owned, refurbished Steinway Grand Piano Model M made in 1945. On this Video Tour Sonny plays the Steinway M and then talks about the joy of sharing your music with others and thanks everyone for participating in the contest. Then there's a vide
Sonny's PianoTV Show 45
Sonny's PianoTV Show 45
This is Sonny's 'Win A Free Piano' Contest on Facebook AWARDS TV Show...Here Sonny interviews the winners of the March 2013 competition, 15 y/o Phuong Le, 16 y/o Austin Lee and Wes Williamson. The show also features their winning videos and Sonny playing the three pianos they won from Sonny's Pianos, two Steinway uprights and a Fischer Baby Grand.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 44
Sonny's Pianos TV Show 44 Featuring the "Win A Free Steinway Contest Winners
The Second Sonny's Piano TV Show Featuring the 'Win A Free Piano Contest' This show contains entertaining, humorous, inspiring, quick video splashes/clips of most of the contestants that had uploaded into the February/March 2013. Show also includes two Sonny Piano Yoga Tips and guest guitarist Mark Danti (Sonny's Brother) from the Projekt Wedding and Events Party Band jamming with Sonny.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 43
Sonny's PianoTV Show 43
Sonny's Piano TV Show featuring the 'Win A free Piano Contest' is proud to present clips from the first 13 contestants who uploaded videos of themselves playing the piano or keyboard. This show also includes a Sonny's Piano Yoga Tip about how everyone can play the piano for health & well being, video tours of Sonny playing a White Yamaha and a beautiful Steinway Grand Piano and a young man playing a Mason & Hamlin Grand Piano that his family recently purchased at Sonny's Piano Warehouse
Sonny's PianoTV Show 42
Sonny's PianoTV Show 42
This show features the First and second place winners from the last 'Win A Free Piano' Contest playing the pianos they won in Sonny's Video Contest. Also on this show Sonny gives another one of his Piano Yoga Tips and we get to see Guest Artist, Jazz Pianist Kazzrie Jaxen at the legendary NYC Jazz Club 'Birdland'.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 41
Sonny's PianoTV Show 41
Sonnys Piano TV Holiday Special featuring guest artist Andre Kozlasky playing a Steinway B here at Sonnys Pianos. See videos sent in by the winners of Sonnys most recent Win a Free Piano Contest on Facebook actually playing the pianos they won! Also includes a Piano Yoga tip by Sonny on how to relax and get into the zone while playing the pianos and two artistic video tours of pianos that we currently have for sale at Sonnys Piano Warehouse.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 40
Sonny's PianoTV Show 40
This show features video clips from previous Sonny's Piano TV Show including the phenomenal Piano Improvisation Master and Jazz icon Connie Crothers playing at a tribute for the late great Jazz Piano legend Lennie Tristano in Berlin a while back. This show also features video clips from more of Sonny's Win A Free Piano contestants and a reply by Sonny to an LA Times Article that said that the piano was a thing of the past and people were losing interest in playing them. Also features Sonny in some very cre
Sonny's PianoTV Show 39
Sonny's PianoTV Show 39
More highlights from past Sonnys Piano TV Shows including Christine Huang, Scott Ballin and Benito Gonzalez. Sonny talks about the healing and therapeutic benefits of piano playing that are featured as part of a TV news story. See a video tour of Sonny playing a rare Art Case Steinway Grand Piano available for sale at Sonnys Piano Warehouse.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 38
Sonny's PianoTV Show 38
This show is a compilation of the best highlights from the past five Sonnys's Piano TV Shows that were based on the summer 2012 'Win A Free Piano' contest held on Facebook. Take a look at some of the winning videos with Scott Ballin (Jazz Piano Professor) and Angelica Olstad (Yoga Pianist).
Sonny's PianoTV Show 37
Sonny's PianoTV Show 37
Sonny's PianoTV AWARDS SHOW Part 1 Featuring First Place Winner of this years Win A Free Piano Contest.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 68
Sonny's Christmas Show
Sonnys Piano TV Holiday Special featuring guest artist Andre Kozlasky playing a Steinway B here at Sonnys Pianos. See videos sent in by the winners of Sonnys most recent Win a Free Piano Contest on Facebook actually playing the pianos they won! Also includes a Piano Yoga tip by Sonny on how to relax and get into the zone while playing the pianos and two artistic video tours of pianos that we currently have for sale at Sonnys Piano Warehouse.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 36
Sonny's PianoTV Show 36
Sonny's PianoTV AWARDS SHOW Part 2 Featuring Second Place Winner Dilini Anaweera and her mother Nilu via skype. Dilini plays a song by Air Supply. She and her Mom talk about how they got their family and friends from around the world to vote for Dilini's video and how they found out about the contest from last year's winner Sasha Voinov's father who works with Dilini's father. Both are IT employees for the same company in Pittsurgh. Stay Tuned for Parts 3 & 4 featuring third & fourth place winners
Sonny's PianoTV Show 35
Sonny's PianoTV Show 35
PART 3 & 4 'THE AWARDS SHOW' Here it is! The Final Episode of the Sonny's PianoTV Show 'Win A Piano' June & July 2012 Contest. Featuring third & fourth place finishers Samantha Cermak & Joe Roberts. Joe talks about how he got interested in piano playing as a kid and going to Berklee College of music in Boston and being the assistant music director at a United Methodist Church in Brooklyn and teaching high School kids and even gives a few Jazz & piano tips to aspiring piano players.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 34
Sonny's PianoTV Show 34
This show features guest artist and jazz pianist Scott Ballin, professor of music at Five Towns College. Join Sonny and Scott as they discuss pianos, piano playing and look at clips of the Win a Free Piano Contest. Scott also plays a couple of tunes and gives a few jazz tips for aspiring young musicians.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 33
Sonny's PianoTV Show 33
This show features guest artist concert pianist and yoga instructor, Angelica Olstad, also know as the Yogi Pianist. Join Sonny and Angelica as they play their duet and talk about the latest news from the Win a Free Piano Contest on Facebook with video clips of the top contestants.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 32
Sonny's PianoTV Show 32
Sonny creates a wide spectrum of improvised music on several beautiful Grand Pianos for sale at Sonny's Pianos in Holbrook NY., including three Steinways, a Baldwin, a Kawai and a Brand New Albert Weber Grand Piano. He also gives some tips on how everyone can play piano for health & well being.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 31
Sonny's PianoTV Show 31
The Facebook 'Win A Free Piano Contest' Awards TV Show featuring first, second and third place winners, Sasha Voinov, Darell Faris, Jeanie & Mick Lummp. This is the culmination of the 5 week contest that Sonny's Piano TV ran on November and December 2011. It was an exciting event with people voting fromr all around the world. The contest reached over a quarter million people on Facebook. Great contest thanks to one and all. Stay tuned for the next one, coming soon right here and on Faceboo
Sonny's PianoTV Show 30
Sonny's PianoTV Show 30
Here Sonny Shows some of the video clips of the leaders in the Facebook contest as it was unfolding. This show also features a three year old girl playing and dancing to her Disney Keyboard and another youngster playing 'Mary Had a Little Lamb.' Also Sonny gives a Piano Yoga Tip for Relaxing while playing the piano. The show always contains some very creative MTV like video tours of some of the pianos for sale at Sonny's Pianos.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 29
Sonny's PianoTV Show 29
Here Sonny gives viewers a look behind the scenes at Sonny's Piano Warehouse and highlights some of the movers, technicians and refinishers as they work.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 28
Sonny's PianoTV Show 28
Sonny's Winter Improvisation; Christine Huang Playing Chopin's Sonata 2; Benito Gonzalez Playing John Coltrane's 'Giant Steps'; Scott Ballin & Friends At Painters; Scott Ballin Jazz Tips; Maria 'Piano Pieces'
Sonny's PianoTV Show 27
Sonny's PianoTV Show 27 - The Steinway B Show
This show features Jazz Pianist Scott Ballin playing a medley of Jazz Standards in his smooth, colorful inimitable style. Scott is a full time music professor at Five Towns College ( and a performing jazz musican. Sonny interviews Scott and they talk about a number of topics including tips on how to improvise and play jazz and information about the various programs, courses and upcoming music performances offered at Five Towns which is located in
Sonny's PianoTV Show 26
Sonny's PianoTV Show 26
Sonny plays a 'Stairway to Heaven' improvisation; Guest artist Scott Ballin Play I'm All Smiles on his new Mason & Hamlin Model AA Grand Piano which he just purchased from Sonny's Pianos; A video tour vingette of several of the pianos that are currently for sale at Sonny's Pianos; Piano music videos from the contestant in the second Sonny's Pianos 'Win A Free Piano' Contest; Another in the series of Sonny's 'Piano Talks' -- 'Everyone Can Play The Piano' (Sonny gives several tips on how to instantly p
Sonny's PianoTV Show 24
Sonny's PianoTV Show 24
Sonny's Online Concert Hall Debut (Musicians Bands Orchestras: Upload your full length concerts at Sonny's Concert TV for FREE!); Andrea Wolper Jazz Trio at Patchogue Theatre, NY; Sonny's Piano Video Tours of Pianos For Sale; FAQs About How Pianos Work; More Guest Artists Playing Piano From Sonny's 'Win a Free Piano' Contest; Sonny's Movement Efficiency Tip;
Sonny's PianoTV Show 25
Sonny's PianoTV Show 25
Sonny Plays an improvisation on the song 'Caruso' on a rare, hand-painted, art case 1928 Weber Grand Piano; A video vignette of piano guest artists from previous shows including Connie Crothers, George Li, Jane Hastay and many others; A vignette of video tours of classic American pianos; Sonny Replies to LA Times Article 'Piano Lessens'
Sonny's PianoTV Show 23
Sonny's PianoTV Show 23
Piano Artists' Videos, Win a Free Piano Contest Drawing And Winner's Video, Channel 10/55 TV News Story About Sonny's Piano Yoga Teaching Method, Sonny's Piano Yoga Lesson, Steinway Grand Piano 1902 Model A Video Tour, More Piano Artists' Videos
Sonny's PianoTV Show 22
Sonny's PianoTV Show 22
Featuring Young Piano Artists: George Li playing Listz's 'Hungarian Rhapsody', Kyle Walker playing a Bach prelude, Martha Maier plays a jazz piece, John Octavian Dobos plays Brahm's 'Rhapsody in G Minor', Corey plays 'One Republic - Apologize', and Christine G. plays an original electronic composition.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 21
Sonny's PianoTV Show 21
Sonny's Win a Free Piano Drawing, plus lots of diverse piano players & piano music. Doctor Bob plays 'Fly Me To The Moon'; The History of Piano Making; Steinway M Piano Music Video Tour; Dan Play 'Moonlight Sonata'; Sonny's 'Moonlight Sonata' Improvisation; Connie Crothers at Berlin Jazz Festival
Sonny's PianoTV Show 19
The Guest Piano Talent Show - Show 19
Sonny's plays an improvisational stretch on a white gloss Kranich & Bach Piano for sale and on two other legendary brand grand name pianos, then comes piano music videos featuring; the incredible jazz improvisational pianist Connie Crothers at The Berlin Jazz Festival; Rachel a young child prodigy playing a classical piece and former NYC Fire Department Lieutenant Jim Sweeney playing a jazz standard.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 18
Free Spontaneous Improvisation - Show 18
Very interesting, unique, informative show exploring cutting edge style of jazz improvisation piano music called 'Free Playing' or 'Spontaneous Atonal Jazz Improvisation Music'. Sonny starts off the show playing a piece completely improvised within the moment in a style where there is no limit or restriction to a key or time signature, then comes a clip which demonstrates this style of playing from a jam between legendary spontaneous jazz improvisation pianists Connie Crothers & Kazzrie Jaxen at Ford
Sonny's PianoTV Show 17
Improvisation and Piano Wellness - Show 17
This is a great show with lots of very important information for every piano player from beginner to advanced about how to improvise, how to get into the flow, breathing, relaxing and enjoying yourself while playing piano and a great tip about not being perfect that has gotten enormous positive feedback from piano players all around the internet. Also includes Sonny's Improvisational Piano Playing on Three Pianos For Sale at
Sonny's PianoTV Show 16
Getting Into The Flow - Show 16
This is just a terrific show filled with great piano music and information for everyone! It starts off with a stunningly beautiful and colorful video of fish swimming at the Nautilus Aquarium in Riverhead NY accompanied by Sonny playing relaxing flowing piano music. Then Sonny talks about how everyone can play the piano and the positive health benefits we can all derive from playing. He then demonstrates how everyone can instantly play relaxing music on the Piano through his Black Note Flow Lesson and his
Sonny's PianoTV Show 14
Piano Playing Quick Tips and Piano Video Tours - Show 14
Easy Chord Patterns; Improvising One Classical Themes; Two Steinway Video Tours; Two Knabe Video Tours; Art Case Story & Clark Video Tour
Sonny's PianoTV Show 13
A Tribute & Six Beautiful Pianos Show - Show 13
Sal Mosca, Don Messina and Jummy Halperin at Birdland - January 1, 2007; Mason Hamlin Model B; Janssen Baby Grand Piano; Estey Baby Grand Piano, Cable and Sons Baby Grand Piano; Samick Walnut; Harrington High Gloss Cherry Mahogany
Sonny's PianoTV Show 12
The Piano Video Tours Show - Show 12
Steinway Model B; Wissner Grand Piano Art Case Tiger Oak; Knabe Grand Piano; Steinway Upright Cherry Mahogany; Cable & Sons Baby Grand Piano; Steinway Console; Samick Baby Grand
Sonny's PianoTV Show 11
The Piano Show - Show 11
Sonny Improves on Liszt; Vocalist Dori Levine at Birdland; History and Styles of Piano; Piano Parts & Mechanisms; Steinway B Video Tour; Andrew and Sonny A Minor Jam
Sonny's PianoTV Show 10
The Piano & Wellness - Show 10
Sonny & Andrew Blues Jam; Mark's Pink Floyd Guitar Solo; Michelle Plays Beethoven Sonata; Connie Crothers' Cameo; Mason Hamlin Grand Piano Video Tour; Dan Sings and Plays Original Composition.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 9
Playing Piano Intuitively - Show 9
Awakening the Left Hand; Connie Crothers' Intuitive Improvisation Tip; Steinway Model M Grand Piano Tour; Connie Crothers' Spontaneous Improvisation Demonstration; Sonny Improvises on a Tune
Sonny's PianoTV Show 8
The Piano & Stress Management - Show 8
Piano relaxation tips & techniques; Stretching exercises to reduce stress; LI Rockin' Rachel's impersonations; Dan sings & plays an original song; Sonny sings & plays Makin' Whoopie
Sonny's PianoTV Show 7
The Improvisation Show - Show 7
Sonny improvises on Flintstone's theme; Connie Crother's jam session with Richard Tabnik & Roger Mancuso; Sonny's improvisation tip; Weber piano video tour; Phil plays improvised piece
Sonny's PianoTV Show 1
Creativity, Improvisation, and Connie Crothers - Show 1
Sonny's Piano Tips 'Creativity, Getting into the Flow'; Guest artist Connie Crothers; Featured piano video tour 1925 Steinway Model M; Free piano improvisation lesson 'Black Note Flow' exercise.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 2
Connie & Valentina at Steinway Hall - Show 2
Connie Crothers & Valentina Nazarenko Duo Steinway Hall concert; Sonny & Andrew piano & guitar 'Malaguena' improvisation jam; Frank Danti (Sonny's Dad) plays and sings an original song True Lover's Flame; Behning art case baby grand piano tour.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 4
Kazzrie Jaxen Trio at Birdland - Show 4
Kazzrie Jaxen Trio at Birdland; Introducing pre-Schoolers to piano playing; Jim Sweeney plays 'My Funny Valentine'; Zimmerman piano tour; Sonny improvises on the blues.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 5
Piano Yoga, Guest Artist Kazzrie Jaxen - Show 5
Kazzrie Jaxen sings Gershwin's 'Embraceable You'; Sonny's piano tips: PianoYoga; Bob plays 'Autumn Leaves'; Player Piano video tour; Sonny plays an improvisational piece.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 6
Improvisation on Classical Music - Show 6
Sonny plays Tchaikovsky improvisation; Dan plays classical pieces and Sonny plays pop songs based on those pieces; Hardman Peck piano tour; Dan introduces his 9 foot Mason Hamlin with latest piano technology modificiations; Bernard plays Brahms & Lee plays Rachmaninoff