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Selling Your Piano? Selling Your Steinway? No consignment Pianos!


Call or email us today! We will work to come up with a mutually agreeable price for your Steinway and will pay you the fair market value. We buy Steinway pianos of all ages, any condition. We do not take pianos on consignment or attempt to broker your piano out of your living room. We are Steinway piano buyers not brokers. We also purchase other named brand pianos in particualr high gloss or art case pianos.

Speak with Sonny at (631) 475-8046 or Email Sonny

We currently have clients looking for the following pianos.
(Please no upright pianos except Steinways)

  • Steinway Baby Grand Piano Model S
  • Steinway Baby Grand Piano Model M
  • Steinway Grand Piano Model L
  • Steinway Grand Piano Model O
  • Steinway Grand Piano Model A
  • Steinway Grand Piano Model B
  • Steinway Art Case Pianos
  • Steinway King Louis XV style Pianos
  • Steinway Console and Upright Pianos
  • Steinway Model C
  • Art Case Steinways
  • Mason Hamlin Grand or Baby Grand Pianos
  • Chinoiserie Decorative Pianos
  • Art Case Hand Painted Pianos
  • Baby Grand or Grand Player Pianos ( Modern Only with CDs )
  • Baldwin Pianos
  • Bosendorfer Pianos
  • White Gloss Pianos
  • High Gloss Pianos
  • Art Case Decorative Pianos
  • Young chang
  • samick
  • yamaha

Questions? Call Sonny at (631) 475-8046 or Email Sonny