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Pianos For Sale

Watch Piano Videos. See Video Tours of our Quality New & Used Pianos for sale on Long Island, New York, Westchester, New Jersey and NYC, Pianos Bought & Sold - Click on the Piano Gallery Box on the above right to see piano videos of our fine selection of new, used and pre-owned player pianos, baby grand pianos, grand pianos, uprights and keyboards for sale. Throughout New York and Long Island and Connecticut we specialize in buying and selling pre-owned, used vintage Art Case Pianos with French Legs, Queen Anne Legs Baby Grand Pianos, Decorative Case Pianos; on Long Island & Westchester. We install QRS Petine Player Systems in our new & used pianos & also sell player piano disks. We also carry used & pre-owned Steinway Baby Grand & Grand Pianos for sale including Steinway Model S Baby Grand Pianos, used Steinway Model M Baby Grand Pianos, used Steinway Model O Grand Pianos, pre-owned Steinway Model L Grand Pianos, We also purchase and sell pre-owned and used Steinway Model B Grand Pianos, pre-owned Steinway Upright Model K, & Steinway Console Pianos, Selling Your Piano? Selling your Steinway or Mason Hamlin? Call Sonny for a free telephone appraisal. Used Baldwin Pianos also wanted in New York and Long Island. We sell and buy all styles & brands of used pianos especially Steinways and pre-owned Mason Hamlin Grand Pianos including Mason Hamlin Grand Piano Model A, Mason Hamlin Baby Grand Piano Model B, Mason Hamlin Grand Piano Models AA, and other Long Island Used Pianos and New York Brand name used "pianos" like Knabe Pianos, Baby Grand Player Pianos, Story & Clark used pianos and player pianos, George Steck Pianos, Bluthner Baby Grand Piano, Art Case Pianos like Stroud & Kawaii Baby Grand Piano, Bosendorfer Pianos, Sohmer Baby Grand and Grand Pianos bought and sold, Bechstein, Ibach Baby Grand Pianos or any brand German or European pianos with spade legs or French provincial legs or Asian, Korean or Chinese pianos like Weber baby grand pianos, Young Chang Pianos, Samick pianos or Pearl River used baby grand pianos. We also buy and sell used Mason Hamlin Upright and console pianos, Chickering Baby Grand Pianos, Sohmer Console & upright pianos, Call us if you have a used Yamaha Piano for sale all styles and woods. We are also looking for used burled walnut baby grand pianos, mahogany baby grand pianos with carved French provincial legs, ebony baby grand pianos. We carry used pianos serving Long Island, New York, Westchester, Connecticut. We also sell pianos online through our web site and Sonny's Pianos E-Bay Store and ship nationally and internationally. See our piano videos on YouTube and AOL Final Cut. See our Sonny's Piano Blog above. Subscribe to our Sonny's Pianos RSS Feed.

Sonny's Online Piano Video Lessons

Piano Lessons for Beginners, Piano Improvisation Lessons and Tips, Free Piano Lessons on Sonny's Piano TV Show, Jazz Lessons & Tips, Learn the Piano Chord Method and How to Play by Ear improvisation techniques with Sonny's Piano Yoga Breathing & Relaxation Techniques for Enhancing Your Piano Playing Abilities. The Complete Video Kit Includes 8 Piano Video Lessons, Sonny's Piano Keyboard Instant Note Finder, Sonny's Piano Yoga Poster, 3 Hal Leonard EZ Play Songs & 8 Lesson Cards available in VHS or DVD Format (200 minutes of instruction with Sonny.)With little or even NO SHEET MUSIC you can instantly start playing piano chord patterns, piano blues lines, original piano music, new age piano music, show tunes, pop music, rock piano, piano jazz songs and improvised piano music. Also we offer; beginner Online Piano Lesson, Easy Piano Exercise For Beginners, Piano Chords Chart, Information on Jazz Piano and Jazz History, Piano lessons online, and free piano lessons online, Piano TV Shows with video Piano lessons, Piano lessons for children, New age piano lessons for Beginner piano students, Intermediate piano lesson, Piano improvisation lesson, Piano practice, Key Signatures, Piano purchasing information , Piano scales, Rhythm, Sight reading, Advanced piano lesson, Play by ear piano lessons, play piano by intuition, Piano & Stress Management TV Show, Piano & Wellness Piano TV show, Piano Buying and selling information.

Sonny's Piano TV Show

Sonny's PianoTV Show is the first piano & wellness variety TV show on the internet, cable or network TV. Informative and entertaining, this innovative show plays 24/7 on the internet right here at Created, produced and hosted by Sonny Stancarone, the main goal of the show is to encourage everyone to play piano for the health, well being and stress management benefits piano playing has to offer. The show is reaching an international audience as it has a channel on YouTube, goes out on RSS Feeds and airs on Google, Veoh, and on Sonny's Piano Blog and is also soon to be podcasted on iTunes,. In content and by making use of the latest technology to spread its message Sonny's PianoTV Show is on the cutting edge and is helping to herald in the wave of the future? "All video, on demand" web sites. In an entertaining variety show format it features Sonny playing piano and teaching viewers to play piano or keyboards. It also includes videos of jazz greats like Connie Crothers, Kazzrie Jaxen, Richard Tabnik, Roger Mancuso, Ratzo Harris and Sonny's Piano Tips on a wide assortment of playing piano and wellness subjects such as breathing, relaxation, creativity, improvisation and stress management. In addition to hosting the weekly Piano TV Show, this Web Site itself is an innovation being an "all video, on demand" interactive web site featuring a Jazz Caf?, Piano Gallery of Pianos For Sale, and "Play Piano Instantly" Piano Lessons On the web site you can also find information about, Easy Piano Lessons, Free Piano Lesson Tips for Kids, Mommy and Me Piano Tips for pre-schoolers, Piano Performance Anxiety Reduction Techniques, Piano Wellness, Piano Music Videos, Relaxing Piano Video Music & Stress Reduction Music. In the Jazz Caf? you can also find more Master Jazz Improvisation Lessons and Tips from Connie Crothers, Jazz Piano Videos from her Steinway Hall Concert with Valentina Nazarenko and her Solo Concert at Merkin Hall, Kazzrie Jaxen Master Jazz Pianist and jazz vocalist Videos from her Birdland Jazz Club NYC Sets with innovative jazz improvisation bassist Ratzo Harris and great jazz improvisation drummer Roger Mancuso.

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