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Sonny's Piano TV Show Library

Here you can see the full length versions of all of Sonny's Piano TV Shows.

#59 : Sonny's Art Case Pianos Collection-Show #59

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Art Case Pianos Present and Past from Sonny's Piano Warehouse. A wide selection of the 'works of art" that have traveled through and are currently residing at Sonny's. Hand carved, hand painted, King Louis XV Style Steinways, Queen Anne and Cabriolet Legs, Victorian, and many more.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 67
Sonny's "Designer Pianos" & Stress Tips Show 67
Great show featuring Sonny's Designer Pianos and stress tips. Here Sonny introduces his new line of hand painted Steinway Pianos in very modern style shabby chic, minimalism and Gustavian. Also in this show Sonny shares some tips for relaxation and reducing tension & stress.Sonny improvises on several absoultely stunning one-of-a-kind Hand Painted Art Case Steinways.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 70
Guest Artists At Sonny's Pianos
Sonny's Piano Guest Artist Show..this is a wonderful show featuring many of the guest artists that visited Sonny's Pianos or were featured in previous shows.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 58
Sonny’s Pianos- “THE FOX NEWS INTERVIEW" about Sonny’s Piano Yoga Method!
FOX News sent reporter Jodi Goldberg to Sonny’s Piano Warehouse recently to interview Sonny about his innovative Piano Yoga Method for Playing the piano instantly. Based on Yoga type breathing, relaxation and getting into the zone techniques Sonny's original method also helps improve heath and well being. For information about covering this story or attending or booking a Piano Yoga Workshop call 631 475-8046
Sonny's PianoTV Show 66
"Jamming Pianos" with Sonny Stancarone & Damon Mulazzi, The "White Driftwood Steinway" and Houston Flood Pianos
Terrific new show introducing "Jamming Pianos" with Sonny Stancarone & Damon Mulazzi. Also featuring original art case hand painted "White Driftwood Steinway", a "Crown Jewel" Steinway and an original composition from Houston with photos of flood damaged pianos by Steve Gaines on a Steinway he purchased from Sonny.
Sonny's PianoTV Show 65
Margarita Dominguez & The Prince's Love Piano
Great Show! Features Margarita Dominguez, model, actress, pianist and internet sensation co-hosts the show with Sonny and plays the Prince's Love Piano-The Million Dollar Steinway. Sonny's brother guitarist Mark Danti shreds away playing Pink Floyd's Comfortably Numb, and see more quick clips of Sonny & friends playing the Prince's Love Piano. This show also includes recent news stories about Sonny featured in Newsday and on Fios1 Verizon TV. The Fios piece is about Type 1 Diabetes and includes an intervie
Sonny's PianoTV Show 63
The "Green Chi" Steinway Show # 63
This show features two pianos from Sonny's "Art Case Pianos" Collection. One being the latest addition called The "Green Chi" Steinway Model M and another visit with The Million Dollar Steinway- A "Prince's Love Piano" Sonny plays and describes the restoration of the Green Chi Steinway which is a hand painted "Chinoiserie" Style work of art. It was nick named the "Green Chi" because the landscape scenes that cover this masterpiece are of a nature preserve from the 16th century which people would go the to
Sonny's PianoTV Show 62
SHOW #62 Beautiful Art Case Pianos & Jazz Pianist Robert Oro Playing THE MILLION DOLLAR STEINWAY
This show features Sonny playing and talking about more beautiful pianos from his "Art Case Pianos Collection" at his Long Island, Bohemia NY Warehouse. Also guest artist Jazz Pianist Robert Oro came to Sonny's looking for a Steinway and found Sonny's MILLION DOLLAR STEINWAY Hamburg A and played a terrific session on it.