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Piano Yoga: A New Method For Learning The Piano Using Yoga Principles & Improvisation Techniques

A new method for learning how to play the piano through yoga principles and improvisation techniques is on the scene! Inventor Sonny Stancarone says “Now everyone can instantly play the piano and achieve health benefits at the same time.” As Sonny Stancarone recently demonstrated with a reporter during an interview on TV10/55 News , anyone can sit down and instantly start making beautiful music using his unique method. People don’t have to spend years studying time signatures and learning how to read, they can just immediately start playing piano in a fun, intuitive, relaxed way. Sonny says that through using breathing and relaxation techniques he has developed combined with learning some of the basic principles of piano playing, children and adults of all ages can enjoy playing the piano and also reduce stress, increase energy levels, improve their moods and enhance their sense of well being. Sonny has created a website called, which features free videos that discuss the healing and therapeutic benefits playing piano can bring about and how to play the piano using this approach. Sonny developed “Piano Yoga” from years of experience studying, playing and teaching the piano. He also credits the years he spent teaching yoga, and stress management to athletes, coaches, teachers, students, corporate and government employees. Using “Piano Yoga” “you can connect to your musician within and start playing songs, improvising and creating your own music.” According to Sonny “everyone can play the piano, it’s fun, easy to do, healing and therapeutic. As soon as you stop worrying about playing perfectly and focus on breathing, relaxing, getting into the flow, the music will come streaming out of you. It’s not about how perfectly you play but how much joy and happiness you derive from playing that counts".

Based in Patchogue on Long Island, Sonny has a worldwide group of fans that connect to him via his other cutting edge website; an all video interactive piano content TV channel completely devoted to piano appreciation, information and entertainment.

Sonny has created a DVD called “Piano Yoga: Playing Piano Instantly For Health & Well Being” He also produces and hosts a regular cable TV Show through which people can learn his method.

Sonny’s Piano & Wellness TV Shows streams online 24/7 and also plays on Long Island Cable TV. It features prominent jazz and classical musicians; piano playing tips & lessons, yoga type breathing & relaxation instruction. Log on to see Sonny playing original improvisations on his personal Steinway or on some of the pianos he offers for sale through his online piano store.

Sonny has created an online community where everyone with an interest in the piano can share their passion with others. He is devoted to teaching people how the piano can benefit everyone’s health & well-being” His motto is “If there were a piano in every home and school, the world would be a better place, because pianos are healing and therapeutic, they reduce tension and stress, they relax us, and promote social interaction.”

Thousands of viewers around the world watch Sonny’s piano videos every day through his websites, YouTube Channel, Facebook, WordPress Blogs, and Long Island Cablevision TV Shows.

About Vic “Sonny” Stancarone:

Sonny is an accomplished pianist with an original, improvisational style of his own. He studied with a variety of teachers and has played professionally in clubs, concerts and other venues. He owned and operated a music school and piano retail store in Sayville, New York for 8 years where he taught and encouraged children and adults of all ages to discover the joy of music. It was there he developed and honed his breakthrough teaching method and started his innovative, interactive piano video website. In addition to being a musician and piano teacher, Sonny has had an extensive career as a pioneer in the health, fitness and wellness fields. He has B.A. and M.A. Degrees in Education from Adelphi University and is a NYS Permanently Licensed Public Schools Teacher.

Sonny himself is proof that these kinds of techniques can improve health & well being. As a child he suffered from a crippling case of asthma until he learned yoga type stretching, breathing & relaxation exercises which virtually cured him. Using these techniques, he went from being a frail asthmatic to a champion baseball and track athlete, earning a full tuition athletic track scholarship to Adelphi University.

Sonny's Programs have been featured in Newsday, the New York Post, McCall's Magazine, and on News 12 Long Island, ABC's Eyewitness News and most recently in Long Island Business News; The Suffolk County News and on TV10/55 News. Sonny is available for media interviews, promotional appearances, workshops and clinics at schools; pianos stores and corporate locations. Call 631 475-8046 for further information.

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