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Greek Mythology Has Nothing On This Pegasus!
Holbrook, NY November 2011
Pegasus, the beautiful winged horse of Greek mythology, brings visions of a flying wonder, full of elegance, pure and able to accomplish great feats.
PegasusThe Schimmel Pegasus piano continues in this tradition. With only 14 made worldwide, this rare Grand Piano appears to be a futuristic flyer with it's sculpted curves and golden Pegasus ornament. Created by world-renowned Italian Ferrari designer Luigi Colani for Schimmel, one of the top piano manufacturers in the world, this top of the line product is extraordinary in sound and form. Sit on it's hand stitched leather seat and recognize the heart and soul of it's existence; the amazing sound, it's ergonomically curved keyboard, and at the touch of a button, watch the hydraulic lid lift to reveal the true beauty of the piano, its inner beauty.


For the Ferrari automobile, you would look under the hood to see it's inner workings. Under the lid of the Schimmel Pegasus are over 200 strings under a total tension of 176,520 newtons, and a key assembly composed of 10,000 pieces. The hydraulic lid allows you to control the specific amount of projection desired, a fallboard "soft close" system, the original Schimmel Triplex Scale "CAPE" precision soundboard tri-dimensionally curved and formed with a "high performance" back assembly with tension collector all contribute to its amazing sound.
Eddie Murphy appears to appreciate it's beauty. He owns one. So does Lenny Kravatz. For Prince, one wasn't enough. He purchased two. Sonny Stancarone, of Sonny's Piano TV can attest to the Pegasus beauty and elegance. He's had the rare opportunity to play this beautiful work of art and to place the piano on sale on his online interactive piano gallery. "The Pegasus represents all that is beautiful about the piano, housed in a modern design. Schimmel engineered the piano with great thought and precision. For instance, the curved keyboard allows the pianist to touch the shorter keys in the middle, and easily reach the elongated keys when they are at a further distance." said Sonny. "With only 14 made and at least two destroyed in a fire, the Schimmel Pegasus takes it's rightful place as a historic masterpiece and instrument, and also a work of art in it's design."

Sonny's state-of-the-art, all video piano website, has been at the forefront of international sales of new and used pianos. It is also the home of the "Win A Free Piano" series on Facebook and of the innovative "Piano Yoga" method of teaching anyone to play piano.


As an innovative entrepreneur and an expert in piano history, Sonny is available to demonstrate and speak more about the Pegasus and other pianos, and for TV and radio interviews, and other media appearances. To see some previous news coverage, click here.

Sonny's Piano TV is an interactive all video website and TV Channel that promotes piano playing for health and well being and features piano and wellness TV shows, piano playing tips, lessons, a jazz café and Sonny's piano video gallery with new and used pianos for sale. Sonny's Piano TV Company sells and ships pianos nationwide and worldwide.
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Helen Johnson
Sonny's Piano TV
(631) 475-8046    
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For more information, please contact:
Eileen Tello
(914) 552-9355  
Sonny Stancarone
770 Broadway Ave.
Holbrook, NY 11741
(631) 475-8046

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