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You Don't Have To Stand On Your Head to Do Yoga

Let's face it. We are not all star athletes; Some of us are a little more sedentary.

Yoga is sometimes associated with a series of difficult poses, but the underlying principles include learning how to breathe and relax. Proper breathing can reduce stress and improve health.The benefits of yoga and relaxed breathing techniques include improvement in symptoms from clinical depression, heart disease, arthritis, insomnia and a number of medical conditions.

Piano Yoga is a method devised by Sonny Stancarone. Piano playing is a therapeutic, natural relaxation tool and combined with deep, mindful breathing, it can release the relaxation response. By practicing "Piano Yoga" using Sonny's Piano Yoga DVD kit anyone can play piano and enjoy the health benefits associated with yoga.

Along with being an accomplished musician, Sonny has dedicated his life to helping people relax. As a corporate stress & fitness consultant, yoga teacher, stress management consultant, and piano instructor, he has helped thousands of children and adults to enjoy a greater sense of well being.

"Gentle Chair Yoga - Seated Series" provides a method of performing yoga specifically for those with limited mobility. The DVD was made by Paula Montalvo and produced by Sherry Zak Morris of Yoga Journey Productions. (A "Gentle Chair Yoga-Standing Series" is also available.) Chair Yoga is approved by the Arthritis Foundation to ease the aches and pains of arthritis sufferers and is an excellent way for seniors or otherwise physically challenged individuals to improve their health while enjoying themselves.

Paula, age 80, spent most of her life helping people as a Family Counselor, and has spent forty years practicing yoga. When Paula retired from Family Counseling, she became a certified yoga instructor with the goal of assisting other senior citizens to enjoy the health benefits of yoga.

Now, with this special offer, you may purchase Sonny's DVD kit (DVD with 8 video lessons, a keyboard instant note finder, 3 Hal Leonard EZ Play Songs, and Sonny's chord chart) & "Paula's Gentle Chair Yoga - Seated Series" as a package for $39.99 +S & H.

This combo pack makes a great stocking stuffer gift for those "hard-to-buy-for" stressed out people on your holiday list, for a grandparent or anyone with limited mobility. It's unique, and will help anyone, even children, learn the art of relaxation. You will be amazed how quickly anyone can play piano and enjoy the benefits of yoga!

Paula and Sonny's Family Connection

In addition to sharing a love for yoga and a genuine interest in helping others achieve health and wellness, Paula and Sonny have a unique bond. They are an aunt and nephew with years of yoga practice supporting their respective areas of expertise. They have teamed up with this Special Offer to the general public via the Internet.

Sonny Stancarone

Sonny is proof that yoga can change your life. As a child, age 5, he suffered from severe and frequent asthma attacks. At the age of 10, a doctor put him on a nightly regimen of stretching, diaphragmatic breathing and relaxation exercises. After just two months, he was cured. He continued doing his routine every night thereafter and went from a child who was unable to attend school on a regular basis, to an "A" student who set school records in Track and Field. At 21, he was one of the top yoga instructors in the country, working with Jack LaLaine (Bally's) gyms in Brooklyn and Long Island and teaching at Adelphi University. With a Masters degree in Exercise Physiology from Adelphi and over 40 years of teaching, he has applied his expertise on both piano and yoga to create the Piano Yoga method and package it as a DVD kit.

Paula Montalvo

Paula Montalvo has also experienced the benefits of yoga firsthand. At the age of 40, Paula had severe pain in her upper back. Paula tried yoga and was impressed with it's health benefits. In fact, one of Paula's first yoga instructors was her nephew, Sonny. It did not take long for the yoga stretches to give Paula dramatic relief from her back pain. Seeing the results, a number of Paula and Sonny's family members attended classes, as Paula and Sonny continued to grow closer in their mutual love and respect. Yoga has been a constant in both of their lives.

With this unique offer, you can also relax and enjoy the benefits of yoga.

Sonny's PianoTV

Sonny's Piano TV ( is all inclusive state of the art piano website featuring online videos of pianos for purchase, lessons, cable TV shows, and piano tips, all free of charge. Sonny offers the Piano Yoga DVD kit on his website. Sonny sells over 90% of his pianos throughout the U.S.via the website, and recently went international with sales to Taiwan and Australia. Sonny lends his personal expertise to each and every customer.

Sonny's Programs have been featured in Newsday, the New York Post, McCall's Magazine, and on News 12 Long Island, ABC's Eyewitness News and most recently in Long Island Business News, The Suffolk County News and on TV10/55 News. Sonny is available for media interviews, promotional appearances, workshops and clinics at schools, pianos stores and corporate locations. Call 631 475-8046 for further information.

Yoga Journey Productions

Yoga Journey Productions ( was founded under the primary principle of producing yoga videos that are accessible to all populations, no matter what physical condition, age or life stage a person may be in. Paula's remarkable career in counseling along with over 40 years of practicing yoga make her a unique and caring instructor. Paula's DVDs are produced by Sherry Zak Morris and can also be found on the Yoga Journey Productions website along with other yoga training DVDs.

Sonny's Piano TV

Victor "Sonny" Stancarone
770 Broadway Ave.
Holbrook, NY 11747


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