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The Next Generation in Websites has Arrived! breaks new ground creating internet TV Shows and all-video marketing websites for the business community. Based on his success selling pianos and DVD's through his own internet Piano TV Show and video marketing website Sonny of Sonny's Pianos Inc. has developed which offers everyone the opportunity to have their own customized internet TV show website to promote their products, services and talents directly to the world wide internet audience. Already to its credit, has created the first online Wedding Band showcase ( to play multiple videos of the band's music and the first video concert hall for an independent record label( and has several other first-of-its-kind sites in development. For more details, see a recent feature article published in the Long Island Business News. (

Sonny Dante Stancarone, the originator and founder of, began his piano-selling career the traditional way with a physical store in the village of Sayville, NY. While his brick and mortar store was successful, it became clear to him that through the internet there was a much wider audience to whom he could market and sell. Using the skills he had obtained while producing and hosting his own piano and wellness TV Shows on PBS and Cable Access TV the piano video tour was born on his website Here visitors can hear and see Sonny playing his pianos and close-ups of the inside and outside of the pianos. As a result, has sold and shipped out over 200 pianos throughout the United States and even internationally over the past 3 years.

In one period of only 6 months he sold and shipped out 50 new player baby grand pianos across the country. As a result he closed the store in Sayville so that he could focus on this burgeoning phenomenon of online piano sales. Through the tours people have recognized Sonny as a gifted piano player and knowledgeable piano expert which has allowed them to feel comfortable purchasing pianos without physically playing them, because the tours allow the customer to see and hear the piano up close.

The success of Sonny's piano business has inspired him to reach out to other businesses that want to boost visibility and increase their sales through this marketing medium. He now has a staff of web designers and programmers creating personalized video marketing websites and customized internet video TV Shows for other companies. Everyone can benefit from an all-video marketing website in the same way that Sonny Stancarone has. This very personal medium allows the audience to see business products or services in the comfort of their homes, giving the business a wider spectrum of customers to whom to market.

Sonny says “The videoizing of the internet is upon us and through our new web design service,, Video Marketing Websites and Customized Internet TV Shows are available to everyone. We are in discussions with various people regards building sites for their music band, medical practice, political candidate, church, counseling agency, congregation, restaurant, wedding hall, comedy club, car dealership, real estate agency, playhouse, college, talent agency and athletic team. Further information about this story can be had at, or by calling 631 475-8046.

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