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Innovative Piano & Wellness Variety TV Show Uses Latest Internet Video Marketing Technology to Reach World Wide Audience

Sonny's PianoTV Show is the first "piano & wellness" variety TV show on the internet, cable, or network TV. Informative and entertaining, this completely original video show plays 24/7 at Created, produced and hosted by Sonny Dante Stancarone, the goal of the show is to encourage everyone to play piano for the health, well being and stress management benefits that piano playing has to offer. The show reaches a wide audience, even recently going international as it has a channel on YouTube, BlipTV, Metacafè, Google, Veoh, and on Sonny's Piano Blog. By making use of the very latest video marketing technology to spread its message, Sonny's PianoTV Show is on the cutting edge and is helping to herald in the hi-tech internet marketing wave of the future: "All video, on demand" business, services, and education marketing websites.

With an entertaining variety show format, Sonnys PianoTV Show features Sonny playing piano and teaching viewers to play piano or keyboards using his easy "Everyone Can Play Piano, Flow & Improvise Method." It also includes interviews and videos of world class jazz artists, visits from local guest artists, and "Sonny's Tips" on a wide assortment of playing piano and wellness subjects such as breathing, relaxation, creativity, improvisation and stress management.

Sonny's PianoTV Show is the latest addition to Sonnys Instant Piano Videos website, originally created 4 years ago to help Sonny's Piano Studio, a Long Island based piano retail store, to reach a larger national market through the internet. The piano video tours of Sonny playing and demonstrating his pianos were so successful he expanded the site to include a video jazz cafe of piano artists and himself playing piano, and "How to Play Piano Instantly" interactive video lessons.

The novelty and cutting-edge nature of the site has brought in so many requests to build similar sites for various business' and service organizations that Sonny's company has begun to do so. At present they are in the process of building an instant video concert hall for an independent record label, the first online all-video wedding showcase, all video websites for real estate agencies, a Hampton's building company and are speaking with political candidates, playhouses and comedy clubs. Sonny says, "the potential for using this technology to promote and market is limitless."

Sonny, who holds an M.A. in Exercise Physiology and has an extensive background in Stress Management, Wellness and Fitness, says regarding playing the piano: "If there was a piano or keyboard in every home and every school, the world would be a better place, because piano playing makes you feel good, it reduces stress and channels negative feelings of anger and frustration into positive productive behavior. Playing the piano is also one of the best ways to relax and releases endorphins and dopamine in the brain leading to a greater sense of well-being." Sonny's PianoTV Show makes these benefits available to everyone by inspiring and teaching children and adults of all ages to play the piano in a fun and easy way.

For further information Sonny can be reached at 631 475-8046 or e-mail

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